Skoachs Miniature Shepherds
tattle blue dot

Photo by Lorie Hager


Hi, My name is Kathy and I have had this wonderful breed since about 2000. We are a small home based hobby breeder with a litter every now and then and we take our dogs seriously! Health of our breeding program is our first concern then natural ability, conformation and temperament are also very high priorities.

This is a little dog that can do it all, great family pet, for active families. He loves to please his people and is usually very willing and eager to learn and entertain. The breed does best with positive training and it is in the whole families interest to take at least two training sessions of classes.

We suggest that potential owners do your homework and research the breed to see if this is the dog for your family, before contacting a breeder. Although a handsome dog he is not for everyone! They can be a challenge to a unprepared home.

Showing in conformation is a wonderful way to get out and meet other dog owners and to see how your dog measures up to breed standards. This may not be for everyone, there are other venues that are just as constructive and fun for dog and owner, agility, flyball and herding rally-o to name a few.

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